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Hi, I am Yogesh

Yogesh Sharma

Staff Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn

Professionally accomplished Software Engineer with 11 years of diversified experience in e-Commerce, BFS, FMCG and Large Scale Software and Internet Companies.'

Disciplined with proven abilities to manage multiple assignments efficiently, ascertaining needs and goals, streamlining existing operations, envisioning new concepts and future trends and following through with development, direction and accomplishment.

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Staff Engineer Site Reliability

15 July 2021 - Present, Bangalore, India

The mission of LinkedIn is simple, connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

  • Member of Edge Engineering manage Edge Infrastructure.
  • Managing LinkedIn CDNs, Steering and Traffic
  • Driving effort to migrate service to serverless using Azure Function.

Principal Engineer, Site Reliability
Palo Alto Network

01 Mar 2021 - 07 Jul 2021, Bangalore, India

Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, continually delivers innovation to enable secure digital transformation—even as the pace of change is accelerating.

  • Worked in CDSS (Cloud-Delivered Security Services) Org, mainly on Wildfire Product which powers inline machine learning modules on PAN NGFW to instantly prevent new unknown file-based threats without any productivity delay.
  • Responsibile for managing large scale GCP based Infrastructure using Terraform, Terragrunt.
  • Implemented Atlantis for Pull Request automation and bring the benefits of code review to operations workflow. Also helped catch errors in the Terraform plan output before it’s applied.
  • Responsibile for managing large scale K8S cluster which host WildFire.
  • GitLab CICD for deploying service effectively.

Staff Software Engineer
Intuit Inc

25 Jan 2016 - 28 Feb 2021, Bangalore, India

Intuit is the global technology platform that helps consumers and small businesses overcome their most important financial challenges.

  • In this role, As a part of Intuit Platform Team, I am mainly focused on Engineering excellence, Application and Service/Tool Development, Automation, K8S and Containers, Site Reliability, Monitoring and Observability, writing patterns and Cloud native application design.
  • Solving large scale complex problems such as deployment at scale, monitoring at scale, mega scale cloud environment management (AWS and Kubernetes), Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) i.e., either writing custom solution from scratch or using available open-source tools and technologies, HA/DR, Fault Tolerance and auto-remediation and Capacity planning.
  • Managing the reliability, observability of tier-0 service with throughput of 1 million requests per second and over 15-20 billion transactions per day having single digit millisecond latency.
  • Taking off the burden from hundreds of Intuit team by managing their North-South traffic through in-house high-scale API Gateway and east-west traffic through service mesh for thousands of Internal/External Services by providing a robust, scalable, fast and secure communication channel.
  • Monitoring development using Enterprise solution or open source like telegraf, Graphite, StatsD
  • Nginx, Envoy as webserver. This is now being used as primary webserver for End-to-End HTTP2, GRPC Gateway and templating its config using Python+Jinja2.
  • Handling more than 50,000 DNS records in single AWS Zone and have individual user access their own Record (self-service feature) without giving them access to this hosted zone but using custom authentication service (I call it Team Based Authentication).
  • Cross Region Sync to enable failover to scale. Failing over to secondary region automatically in not more than 30 seconds while serving over a million requests per second.
  • Troposphere (Also as Contributor), Packer, Terraform, Chef, Ansible for IaaC, Orchestration and Configuration.
  • Mentoring New or Junior members of team, writing SOP, Runbook so that other members in team are up to the speed as soon as possible.

Senior DevOps Engineer

19 Jan 2015 - 22 Jan 2016, Gurugram, India

Snapdeal is leading e-commerce company in India.

  • Designed and deployed first ever log management stack using EFK (Elastic Search, FluentD and Kibana) for and its products including KlickPay.
  • Designed and deployed first Internal distributed DNS server using FreeIPA for better Infrastructure management.
  • Managing Internal PKI Infrastructure for Internal Certificate Authority.
  • Designing Infrastructure for Free-Charge Payment Wallet (also known as KlickPay)
  • Building a Hybrid Infrastructure spawned across Public Cloud (AWS) and Private Cloud.
  • Designing CICD to deploy hundreds of micro-services at scale using Jenkins, Code Deploy and Pipeline.
  • Configuration management using Chef and Ansible.
  • Fault Tolerance Automations to recover from incidents.
  • Scaling Infrastructure to handle billions of request and surge in incoming requests due to flash sales during Festival season in India.
  • SISA compliance for Payment (PCI) Infrastructure.
  • Designing an Internal WAF (Web Application Firewall) for Internal Application using Mod Security, Apache Webservers and HAProxy (with ACL applied for DDOS prevention).
  • An uptime of 99.999% over year.
  • OS Management, Tuning and Hardening
  • Deploying Host Based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) OSSEC to monitor system and user Activity.
  • Central Authentication (Dual Factor/MFA) using Free IPA.
  • NoSQL databases such as Aerospike, Cassendra, Memcached.
  • ScaleArc as Load Balancer for Relational databases.
  • Mentoring Junior and new team members.

Application Engineer
Amelia (formerly IPSoft Inc.)

12 March 2012 - 05 Jan 2015, Bangalore, India

Amelia, previously known as IPSoft Inc, provide AI powered solution along with IT Services.

  • Technical Lead (Cloud Platform) for British Telecom, Managing Cloud Environment based on Apache Cloud Stack and VMware.
  • Ensuring 99.99% uptime of MasterCard Internet Infrastructure hosting real time Tier 0 Applications System used in Financial Transaction across the globe. Also managing their DNS Infrastructure.
  • Working with MasterCard TRT (Technical Recovery Team) teams on production issues for Mission Critical Applications.
  • Managing Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) Applications Infrastructure based on WebSphere Application Server (ND) and JBoss (deployed on AWS Cloud).
  • Fixing environment Security vulnerabilities per PCI compliance for HUL.
  • Project work experience in Installation/Configuration and upgrade of Enterprise infrastructure including WebSphere/JBoss Application Server and IBM/Apache Web Server.
  • Responsibile for developing monitoring using Nagios and custom checks.
  • Automation using IPsoft proprietary tool IPAutomata, BASH.

Software Engineer
NTT Data (formerly First Apex Software)

01 Aug 2011 - 15 Dec 2011, Bangalore, India

NTT DATA FA Insurance Systems is a leading specialist IT solutions and services provider to the Insurance Industry.

  • Member of devlopment team working delicately in developing BFSI projects for Insurance based companies which involves sector like Motor Insurance, General Insurance and which covers the full cycle of insurance operations from point of sale right through to the general ledger.
  • Application development using FTL (Free Text Markup Language) and J2EE.
  • Database used Oracle 9i with Application Server WebSphere Application 6.


M.Tech in Data Science and Engineering
CGPA: 9.1 out of 10
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
Percentage: 77.3 out of 100
Higher Secondary School Certificate (XII, CBSE)
Secondary School Certificate (X, CBSE)

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